Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jackson Squared, a joint project

One of the most rewarding things any Commercial Photographer can be a part of is a collaboration with other creative's, especially when it results in something amazing like a great book. The particular book I am referring to is called "Jackson Squared: The Heart of the Quarter" with images from Jackson, Photographer Will Crocker and created / designed by Tom Varisco. Another great book to come from this collaboration was called SIGNS of New Orleans  (2008) which captures the city's unique, historical language through signs found around neighborhoods in the city. If you have not seen either of these books I recommend you do! They are so well designed and very genuinely New Orleans.

In November / December 2012 the Du Mois Gallery on Feret St. featured a show of select images from the book. We are so very excited to be a part of such an important, funny and at times shocking book and of course had to post a few of our favorites in this post. 

 To Purchase your copy of Jackson Squared click here

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